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Our Story

It all started in 1989 with a group of good friends and a 'Beverly Hillbillies' reference. Quite by chance, the Possum Queen Foundation was born when a family in need of assistance with their medical bills caught the attention of these good friends. With some neighborly outreach and a bit of luck, $2,000 was raised and donated to this first family to help alleviate the financial stresses associated with their special situation. Over the next 25 years Possum Queen evolved into an annual fundraising effort for individuals & families facing medical expense hardships.

With much continued success, Possum Queen officially organized in 2014 as a 501(c)(3) charity, adopting operating processes, and establishing formal committees in an effort to help more people in need. In 2019 alone, Possum Queen Foundation helped more that 30 individuals and/or families facing medical hardships. The same year, PQF was honored with the prestigious Wisdom Award by the Wisdom House of Litchfield. Throughout the 2020 pandemic year, hundreds in need within Litchfield County were helped either through one of the many record numbers of approved grants or by the significant support provided to local food pantries. In 2021 Possum Queen Foundation raised nearly $100k, helping 81 individuals and/or families in need with grants and support.

Over the past 33 years, the results generated by the Possum Queen Foundation have far exceeded all expectations. Nearly $500,000 in funds have been raised, 94% of which were directly distributed to hundreds of selected recipients in our community. We believe there is still allot more work to be done and hope you will join us as we continue on our mission.

Our family is incredibly grateful for the support and selflessness of our community and The Possum Queen Foundation, especially at a time of great need.

Evan's Family

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